Visitors to Victoria can go on an exciting adventure in just 45 minutes 

Whether visitors dive beneath the waves, encounter exotic animals or take a spin with astronauts from NASA, the immersive IMAX® with Laser experience takes guests on adventures that will captivate, enlighten and inspire.

With a 45 minute running time, an IMAX Experience is easy to fit into any itinerary, or visitors can enjoy a full length Hollywood blockbuster in the evening hours.

We are here to help

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IMAX® Admission Packages

If your organization offers packages to enjoy a 45 minute 2D IMAX® film, you may be eligible for our prepaid admission program. Prepaid admissions allows guests to choose the 45 minute 2D IMAX film they wish. Guests redeeming vouchers under this program can upgrade to a 3D film or Hollywood Feature Film at the Box Office.

If your group wishes to see one film together you can book a Group Visit.

If your organization has a long stay visitor program, please consider us to participate in your presentations.

Familiarization Tours

Go behind the scenes and discover the projection and sound technology that makes IMAX®, then enjoy a film to fully understand the immersive IMAX® Experience.

Contact us with the time and date you would like to visit, as well as the number of participants. Tour sizes and times are limited to operational factors, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Industry Admission

Tourism Front Line Staff (Hotels, Information Centers, Attractions and Transportation) can experience a complimentary 45 minute 2D IMAX® film to better convey the IMAX Experience to visitors.

IMAX Victoria participates in Front Line access programs, such as the Tourism Passport provided by the Victoria Guest Services Network. However, we are happy to work with front line staff to make individual arrangements with two business days notice.

With fewer than two business days’ notice we offer front line staff a 20% discount at the box office. Please bring a current nametag, paystub, business card, or company identification to verify your employment.

Printed Film and Schedule Information

We are happy to provide colourful and informative printed film material to help guests plan a visit

  • 4”w x 9”h Brochure featuring our current film(s) and schedule access information.
  • 4”w x 9”h Schedule for the current period. (Very limited quantities).
  • 12”w x 18”h Poster of our most current film.

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