Mysteries of Egypt

RATED:  G | RUNTIME: 38 min. | STUDIO:  Destination Cinema

Engagement ends December 31.

For the ultimate Egyptian experience, see both MYSTERIES OF EGYPT in IMAX®  and the Royal BC Museum exhibition, EGYPT THE TIME OF PHARAOHS.

Mysteries of Egypt will transport you to a distant time and place where the Nile River Valley cuts an emerald swath through the desert sands. In the flood-fed richness of this land rose an ancient kingdom whose culture has strongly influenced the western world. Its massive architecture and the intrigue of such personages as Nefertiti and Tutankhamen capture the imagination.

Around the old capital of Memphis, near modern Giza, rulers such as Ramses II built massive funerary pyramids to house them in their afterlife and farther up the river, temples were built to the pharaohs and their gods at Luxor and Karnak.

With a dedicated team of scientists, MYSTERIES OF EGYPT will explore these magnificent edifices and the civilization that built them, bringing their wonder to life.

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“Mysteries of Egypt proves once again that the next best thing to experiencing the real thing is an Imax film.”

– Big Movie Zone

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