Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk

RATED:  G | RUNTIME: 45 min. | STUDIO:  MacGillvary Freeman Films

Grand Canyon Adventure: River At Risk combines exhilarating river-rafting action on America’s most iconic river with the grandeur of the Grand Canyon to tell an engaging story of how ordinary people can make a difference for our parched planet—one that is running out of clean, fresh water.

Taking audiences on this illuminating rafting trip are two environmental heroes: world-renowned river advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and author/anthropologist/explorer Wade Davis, accompanied by their daughters Kick Kennedy and Tara Davis. They are guided by Shana Watahomigie, a member of the Havasupai tribe and the first Native American to become a National Park Ranger and river guide.

A stirring score, featuring songs and music from the Grammy Award®-winning Dave Matthews Band, sets the mood for this adventure that explores the issues, presents real solutions, and delivers an uplifting message of hope for future generations.

Grand Canyon: River At Risk is fourth in MacGillivray’s series of ocean films (including the Living Sea, Dolphins and Coral Reef Adventure).


“Spectacular… If there is such a thing as a virtual towel, you might want to bring it to the IMAX® release Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk.”

– Tom Keogh, Seattle Times

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