Annual Pass

The Annual Pass is a yearly membership, valid for 12 months from date of purchase, which allows passholders admission to unlimited traditional 45 minute IMAX® films plus additional benefits. Visit the Annual Pass page for full information.

The price can be found on the Annual Pass page. The price is a flat rate for all ages.

The Annual Pass can be bought in person at the Box Office or online at

You can renew online by using the ‘Renewals from any previous year’ option where you will be prompted to enter your previous Annual Pass number, or you can renew by visiting the Box Office.

What a great gift! Yes, you can purchase it online by using the ‘First Time Buyer’ option and entering the recipient’s name, or at the Box Office.

To ensure the Annual Pass remains affordable for all, we have opted to price the pass at one flat rate regardless of age. However, some families opt to purchase one or two Annual Passes and use their 20% companion discount for the younger members of the family which may not see enough films in a year to justify an Annual Pass.

See the Admission Rates for public pricing.

No, there is not a combined pass, but you can find information on the Royal BC Museum membership programs here:

No, but entry to full length Hollywood Feature films for Annual Pass holders is just $6.50 (2D) movies or $7.50 (3D) movies.

A traditional film is our regular documentary style films with a running time of approximately 45 minutes. These films rotate throughout the day from 10am until the evening. The Hollywood Features generally have a running time greater than 1 hour, only play once a day and are scheduled as the last film of the day.

The easiest way to purchase an Annual pass is online at imaxvictoria/annual-pass. If you require assistance though, please call us at 250-952-4206 ext 0.

Visit us in the National Geographic Store (10am to 7pm daily).

First Time Buyers – Present your Annual Pass Voucher or Gift Card and personal information form to have your photograph taken.

Renewals – Present your previous pass, pass number, or last name on file and we will update your account. Inform the cashier if you wish to have an updated photograph taken.

If you are planning on seeing a film on the same day as you activate your pass, we suggest arriving 30 minutes before the start of the film to get your photograph taken and obtain your tickets.

Guests receive a 20% discount on individual film admissions when attending with an Annual Pass holder. This discount is available online through Annual Pass ticketing, as well as at the box office.

For select films we bring in a special guest speaker to open the film. These guest speakers are generally someone who had a prominent role in the film, either directing, producing or starring. Over the years we have hosted Astronauts, Tornado Chasers, Test Pilots, Free Divers, World Travellers and Researchers on a variety of topics.

These events are exclusive to Annual Pass holders with the exception of 20 tickets per presentation made available for non-Annual Pass holder guests. Typically we will have 3 – 5 engagements with a particular speaker and they always are popular.

Invitations are sent only by email to valid Annual Pass holders. Update your email or visit our Special Events page.

In Person – Present your Annual Pass at the Box Office for an admission ticket.

Online – Visit the Buy Tickets page to access online ticketing and companion discounts.

Upon entry to the theatre you must present both your admission ticket and valid Annual Pass.

Yes, you must present your Annual Pass at the Box Office for a ticket to the film of your choice so that we can ensure the theatre is not oversold.

We ask to see your Annual Pass upon entering the theatre to ensure that the Annual Pass holder is the one presenting us with tickets. Annual Passes and Annual Pass tickets are non-transferable.

No, Annual Passes are specific to the individual member and are non-transferable.

Film openings and special events are sent by email only. If you have changed emails lately, update your email online or at the National Geographic Store.

Visit the National Geographic Store between 9:30am and 7pm for a replacement pass. There is a fee of $5 for a replacement pass.

No, Gift Cards are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. However, the value can be used towards a future pass or towards merchandise in the National Geographic Store, or exchanged for individual ticket Gift Certificates or Concession Gift Certificates valid for one year from issue. Full terms and conditions are listed on the reverse of the Gift Card.

Please call us at 250-952-4206 and we will look into your order.

Please contact the theatre at 250-952-4206 ext. 4 or via email at

No, the IMAX® at Silvercity is not affiliated with our IMAX® theatre and they do not honour our Annual Passes.

No, IMAX® Victoria is independently operated and does not have reciprocal ticketing arrangements with other theatres or organizations.

Reserved Seating

No you don’t, the doors open 5 minutes prior to the start of the film. If you do opt to arrive early, grab some snacks from the concession (closes 5 minutes prior to the start of the film) and relax before the film.

Online Tickets and Tickets with a Reserved Seat are Non-Refundable. See our complete ticking policy on the Buy Tickets page.

Yes, you can choose your specific seat up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the film. 30 minutes or less before the film, purchases will be assigned the Best Available Seat to ensure no delays during the ticketing process.

Reserved seating is available online for the general public and Annual Pass holders. You will be prompted to select your seat at the final step before completing the transaction. Seat selection will be available in person at the Box Office until 30 minutes before the start of the film.

No, to ensure that everyone has a seat you have been assigned the Best Available Seat as you did not select a specific seat.

After the trailers have ended (to allow for late comers) you may move to an empty seat. However, should the original occupants of that seat show up late you may be asked to move back to your original seat assignment.

Reserved Seating was one of the most requested features by our Annual Pass holders. So to continue providing a premium experience with our IMAX® with Laser Technology we have implemented Reserved Seating.

No, Reserved Seating shows are typically only the popular evening Hollywood Features. Our core 45 minute films remain general seating. All films with Reserved Seating enabled have (RS) in the show time online.

After the trailers have ended (to allow for late comers) you may move to an empty seat. However, should the original occupants of that seat show up late you may be asked to move back to your original seat assignment.

Yes, however, you will be asked to leave the theatre following the 45 minute film. You will be required to re-enter the theatre from the entry ramp, because the Hollywood show is Reserved Seating you already have your seat assigned.

For seats 1-20 use the closest stairwell (Screen Left), if you are in seat 21 or higher, use the far stairwell, (Screen Right) to access your seat quicker.

Your Seat Number is indicated in the middle of a Box Office ticket, to the left and right on a Royal BC Royal BC Museum online ticket, and to the right under the QR Code on an Annual Pass online ticket.

Each ticket indicates the Row first, followed by the Seat Number.

Reserved Seating Ticket Samples

Each row on the upper level (Rows D – J) has 39 Seats. The lower level (Rows A – C) have between 32 and 24 seats. Seat 20 is the centre seat in the upper level.

There is no Row I, due to ticket printing.

View the Theatre Seating Map

Yes, some select seats in the theatre are adjusted to a more reclined/relaxed position.

  • All of the last row in the theatre, row K
  • Seats 1 through 6 in rows D – J
  • All seats in Rows A – C

View the theatre seating map

No, Reserved Seating is included in the ticket price.

Yes, the Wheelchair stalls remain available and are purple on the online ticketing seat map (seats C5, C6, C7, C15, C16, C17, C27, C28), however you will need to manually select Seat C4, C8, C14, C19, C26, C29) if you wish for your companion to sit directly beside you. See below for reference.


Unfortunately coupons, such as the Access 2 Entertainment, or Leisure Assistance Pass cannot be redeemed online. Transactions with coupons must be purchased in person at the Box Office to ensure you get the appropriate discount.

No, you are automatically assigned adjoining seats in the best available row for the number of tickets you are purchasing (i.e. if you are purchasing 10 tickets, you will automatically be assigned Seats 11-20 in one row).

Eventually seat selection will be enabled at the Self-Serve Kiosks, however, currently the feature is disabled while we integrate it with the box office software.

Yes, we do need to see your physical ticket for admission. General Public online tickets can be reprinted at the Box Office, Annual Pass online tickets can be presented electronically from a smartphone or tablet, or reprinted at the National Geographic Store. We will ensure you retain the portion of the ticket with the seat number so that you know where you are sitting.

IMAX® with Laser

Designed from the ground up for IMAX’s largest screens, IMAX with laser features a dual 4K laser projection system that is equipped with a new optical engine and suite of proprietary IMAX technologies capable of projecting an image with up to a 1.43:1 aspect ratio with maximum resolution and sharpness, unparalleled 2D and 3D brightness, industry-leading contrast with the blackest blacks and whitest whites and an expanded color gamut that will allow filmmakers to present more vivid and exotic colors than ever before.

IMAX’s new laser system will include next-generation IMAX sound technology that delivers even greater power and precision for ultimate audio immersion. The new system has been upgraded to 12 discrete channels plus sub-bass, and includes additional side channels as well as new overhead channels that will improve the system’s ability to position sounds at any point in the auditorium – even where there may not be a loudspeaker – and further ensure every seat is the best in the house.

IMAX’s new laser system will include next-generation IMAX sound technology that delivers even greater power and precision for ultimate audio immersion. The new system has been upgraded to 12 discrete channels plus sub-bass, and includes additional side channels as well as new overhead channels that will improve the system’s ability to reproduce sounds that seem to originate at any point in the auditorium – even where there may not be a physical loudspeaker – and further ensure every seat is the best in the house.

Sound is a critical element of The IMAX Experience® and IMAX uses its patents, proprietary technology and decades of experience to deliver the best auditory experience.

IMAX’s unique approach to sound begins with the actual patented design of the theatre and incorporates superior acoustical treatment and more effective placement of loudspeakers to ensure an ideal listening environment.

Each sound system is custom-developed in-house for the auditorium into which it is going, using extremely high-grade loudspeaker components that provide unprecedented audio fidelity and a wider frequency response, which means higher highs and lows so low they’re as much vibrations as sounds. The system also leverages a technology called proportional point source (PPS), which allows IMAX to reproduce sounds that can seem to originate at any specific point in the auditorium – even where there may not be a physical loudspeaker.

In IMAX’s next-generation sound system, the additional side channels will supplement IMAX’s ability to reproduce sounds originating from points in between front and rear loudspeakers while the new overhead channels will improve the system’s ability to position sounds above the audience.

Another important component in IMAX sound is that in all IMAX films the soundtrack itself has been enhanced. Through IMAX’s proprietary Digital Re-mastering (DMR) process, the sound of the original movie is re-mixed in post-production together with the filmmakers to recapture its full dynamic range and tweaked to make it brighter, crisper and more exhilarating.  This process takes full advantage of the unique, responsive sound system in an IMAX theatre and means you are hearing the movie the way the filmmaker intended.

One particular area that differentiates IMAX is its commitment to delivering a consistent quality sound experience. The new system features IMAX’s patented automated multi-point tuning process that ensures each system is optimized for the specific auditorium in which it is installed and runs a daily calibration test using high-performance microphones permanently located within the theatre to ensure the audio system is always running at peak performance.

By focusing on every aspect that makes great sound, IMAX is able to deliver the most visceral and captivating sound experience available.

IMAX with laser represents IMAX’s largest R&D project in the company’s history. The system was designed from the ground up specifically for IMAX’s largest screens (75 feet and above), a magnitude which previously required IMAX’s 15/70 film projection systems to fill.

While there will always be slight differences between film and digital formats, IMAX believes the new laser system meets and in many cases exceeds the performance of its 15/70mm film projection.

The completely re-designed optical engine and laser light source allows IMAX to reach unparalleled levels of contrast, 3D brightness, sharpness and color and with two 4K laser projectors running simultaneously in sub-pixel alignment for both 2D and 3D IMAX is able to achieve a perceived resolution greater than 4K.

IMAX’s xenon system continues to be the best-in-class solution for its mid-sized screens.

Contrast is the difference between the whitest white and the blackest black. Filmmakers love it, but it’s been a problem with existing digital projection systems. IMAX has always delivered the greatest contrast but now, with laser, IMAX has reached contrast levels substantially higher than ever before. Getting more contrast means more detail in the image – particularly in very dark or bright scenes – and a heightened level of realism that makes you forget you are watching a movie.

A laser light source provides substantially more brightness than a xenon bulb, and allows IMAX to power its largest screens with even sharper and more lifelike images. This is significant for 3D because 3D glasses dim the image. With IMAX laser, audiences are going to be able to experience full brightness in 2D and 3D.

IMAX is equipping its new laser venues with new, state-of-the art 3D glasses that were selected to optimize the experienced provided by the laser system.

IMAX has a long history of innovation. It’s constantly looking at how it can do things better. In developing its next-generation laser system, it took a radically different approach from others in the industry. This wasn’t about making a few tweaks and enhancements here and there, or just swapping out xenon bulbs for a laser light source. It abandoned the way projection systems have been built until now and started from the ground up. Partnering with Barco, and combining the patents it acquired from Kodak and its own intellectual property, IMAX invented a system that takes advantage of all of the benefits laser provides.

This means you’re going to experience the sharpest, brightest images the movie industry has ever seen. IMAX’s laser system is about more than just a handful of innovations – it’s a re-imagination of the movie theatre experience.

All films presented through IMAX’s new laser system will be digitally re-mastered specifically for the new system to take advantage of the increased contrast, brightness, color and other attributes it can deliver. The soundtracks will also be re-mixed for IMAX’s new 12 channel system.

IMAX is excited to work together with today’s leading filmmakers to push this new technology to the limits.

IMAX® Movies

Distributors select where they want new films to play and place restriction on the proximity of other theatres. In Victoria most films are released in another theatre but serious IMAX® fans will often wait or opt to see it again when it arrives here as they understand the incredible impact of experiencing a film in the IMAX® format.

DMR stands for digitally re-mastered. A conventional film, in the conventional format is digitized, enlarged and then processed on IMAX® film. Because the original images were not shot on 70mm film they do not have the same square dimensions so when the picture is expanded the rectangular ratio has to remain in order to avoid distortion.

An IMAX® film is shot with an extremely large camera and projected with a machine the size of a small car. That may seem counter to the current movement in technology to smaller and smaller technology with bigger and bigger images. It’s logical though when you realize that the beauty and clarity of the famous IMAX image is only possible with 70mm film – that’s 10 times the size of a standard 35mm negative. If you’ve ever tried to blow up an image you’ll know the difference that size makes.

The IMAX® Experience is the world’s most powerful and immersive movie experience. With breathtaking images on a six storey tall screen with 12,000-watts of wrap-around digital sound, this amazing technology takes you to places only imagined.

General Information

Tickets can be purchased in person at the theatre or Online.

Generally the 45-minute IMAX films are rated G for general audience and are suitable for families, but sometimes the large screen coupled with surround sound can overwhelm young ones.

It’s a little subjective in nature and you know your children best…will they be comfortable with an immersive, giant screen film experience?

For show times call (250) 480 4887 Ext. #1.
To speak with someone at the theatre please call: (250) 480 4887 between 10am and 7pm daily and press #4 or 0 during the greeting to reach a staff member.

The Theatre is open everyday except Christmas Day and New Years Day. The doors open at 9:45am and the first film is at 10am. Shows play hourly into the evening . Visit our Showtimes page for full schedule information.

IMAX Victoria is located just off the inner harbour inside the world famous Royal BC Museum in Victoria.

While we strive to provide 2D and 3D options for all of our films, some films are only available in a 2D or 3D format and thus we are limited by the filmmaker and distributor to play the film in the intended format.

No, currently the 3D glasses are one size fits all, we do find that they fit on smaller heads. IMAX® is currently developing a smaller sized pair of 3D glasses.

Yes, some select seats in the theatre are adjusted to a more reclined/relaxed position.

  • All of the last row in the theatre, row K
  • Seats 1 through 6 in rows D – J
  • All seats in Rows A – C

View the theatre seating map

Annual Pass Special Events

The events are generally an hour and a half long. Historically we begin with the film followed by a Q&A or presentation by the guest speaker.

The doors to the theatre open 5 minutes prior to the event. However, we suggest arriving at the theatre at least 30 minutes in advance, as it is general seating inside the theatre.

1. Select the preferred event date.
– If your preferred event date is not available it has met capacity.
2. Choose the quantity of Annual Pass Holders attending, up to four.
– Annual Pass holders do not have to be in the same household, but must attend the event together as only one confirmation email containing all the tickets is emailed.
– Non Pass holders can purchase tickets ONLINE. Companion discount not available online, but is available at the Box Office.
3. Complete registration information.
– Name, Annual Pass Number and Email is required for registration.
– If you do not have your Annual Pass number, call us at (250) 480 4887 ext. 4 or email
– Tickets without an Annual Pass number or orders with duplicate Annual Pass numbers are subject to cancellation.
Once completed, your ticket(s) will be emailed within 15 minutes via EventBrite,

If you do not have your Annual Pass number, contact us at (250) 480 4887 ext. 4 or

These events are extremely popular and do sell out quickly.

We do our best to maximize showings to accommodate as many Annual Pass holders as possible, but we are limited by the guest speakers very busy schedule.

We MUST see your 2017 Annual Pass and the ticket barcode or QR code at the door for entry to the event.

Lost Annual Passes can be replaced in the National Geographic Store. Arrive early to allow plenty of time to obtain the replacement Annual Pass and enter the theatre.

Guests without an Annual Pass can purchase a limited quantity of guest tickets on a first come, first served basis. Purchase tickets ONLINE at the box office in advance. Companion discount only available at the Box Office.

Visit the EventBrite Self-Serve option to manage your tickets, cancel shows or adjust attendees and information.

If you wish to change the show you are attending, obtain tickets for the correct date, then use the EventBrite Self-Serve option to cancel your original order. Or contact us at with your Order Number for assistance. Tickets are subject to availability.

If you are unable to attend, cancel your order using the EventBrite Self-Serve option or email us at to cancel your registration so we can make your seat(s) available for other Annual Pass holders.

Use ‘Assistant’ as the pass number and email us at to validate your registration.

We can scan your ticket electronically from a mobile device, if you cannot present it electronically just be sure to bring your current Annual Pass and we will check you off the registration list.

About IMAX® Victoria

This IMAX Theatre is located inside the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, BC Canada.

The 365 seat theatre features 4K IMAX with Laser providing a 2D and 3D experience; with a projected area more than 6 stories high and 80 feet wide, it is the Biggest Screen in BC filling the viewer’s entire field of vision.

The Theatre opened in June 1998 and hosted more than 80,000 people in the first month. Local residents and visitors loved the new theatre in town and its first feature film, Whales. Since that time more than 7 million have enjoyed the IMAX® Experience.

IMAX® History

The IMAX system has its roots in EXPO ’67 in Montreal, Canada where multi-screen films were the hit of the fair. A small group of Canadian filmmakers/entrepreneurs who had made some of those popular films, decided to design a new system using a single, powerful projector, rather than the cumbersome multiple projectors used at that time. The result: the IMAX motion picture projection system, which would revolutionize giant-screen cinema.

IMAX technology premiered at the Fuji Pavilion, EXPO ’70 in Osaka, Japan. The first permanent IMAX projection system was installed at Ontario Place’s Cinesphere in Toronto in 1971. IMAX Dome (OMNIMAX) debuted at the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theatre in San Diego in 1973.

In March of 1994, the sale of IMAX by the original partners was finalized to Brad Wechsler, Rich Gelfond, and Wasserstein Perella Partners. In June 1994, IMAX was taken public on the NASDAQ stock exchange providing IMAX with the capitalization necessary to take advantage of numerous growth opportunities.