Accessibility Programs:

Leisure Assistant Pass and Access to Entertainment

IMAX Victoria is pleased to participate in the Leisure Assistant Pass and Access to Entertainment programs. The terms and conditions of our participation in these two Accessibility programs are as follows:

  • IMAX® will provide 1 admission per visit for an attendant with the purchase of a regular priced admission when the Leisure Assistant Pass or Access to Entertainment Card is presented at Box Office.
  • This offer is valid at the Box Office only and is not available for online orders.
  • The program is not available with the purchase of a discounted admission or for special events.
  • The IMAX® Victoria Annual Pass is a heavily discounted, therefore admissions acquired with the Annual Pass are not eligible to for complimentary attendant admission. Learn more on how these programs interact with the IMAX Victoria Annual Pass HERE

Who is an Attendant?

An Attendant is an individual who accompanies a person with a disability to provide services that are not provided by employees at the theatre or attraction, such as assisting the person with eating, administering medication, communication need and use of the facilities.

Contact information:

Access 2 Program

Leisure Assistance Pass (Recreation Integration Victoria)

Theatre Accessibility:

IMAX® Victoria is wheelchair accessible with space to accommodate up to 6 wheelchairs.

Connect with an Usher upon arrival with your requirements so we can better assist you during your visit.

Guests that need assistance especially with walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, etc., enter and leave via the main ramped entrance. They also sit in row C which is on the same level and does not require stair access.  The ones that are able do sometimes take the stairs to sit further back from the screen, but usually they leave by the same route they entered along with any wheelchairs, etc.

Due to limited space large outdoor mobility scooters may be unable to enter the entry vestibule or theatre.

Please note that during the Hollywood Feature there are three stairs to access the washrooms as the gift shop is closed. For washroom access, exit through the same doors you entered, and ask a staff member or the security desk for access to the Royal BC Museum accessible washroom.

Reserved Seating for Wheelchairs and Companions

Wheelchair stalls can be reserved online for shows with reserved seating enabled. They are purple on the online ticketing seat map (seats C5, C6, C7, C15, C16, C17, C27, C28), however you will need to manually select Seat C4, C8, C14, C19, C26, C29) if you wish for your companion to sit directly beside you. See below for reference.


Unfortunately coupons, such as the Access 2 Entertainment, or Leisure Assistance Pass cannot be redeemed online. Ticket purchases using coupons must be purchased in person at the Box Office to ensure you get the appropriate discount applied.

Select seats are more reclined/relaxed then others. Lean more about reclined seats.

Closed Captioning

Browse the map for accessible access pathways and entry points.

For parking, there is one on Belleville St. and four accessible parking spots in the rear parking lot (Robbins) accessed off Douglas or Superior St. There is also a drop off and pickup zone at the main entrance on Belleville.

There are four ramps connecting the building to street level. Note that the Wooden East Entrance (Douglas) is locked at 5pm and that you will need to continue left around the building to the main glass entrance.

      • Food Truck court at the South (Superior) end of the building (entry doors to either the left (Government) or right (Douglas) of the main building once in the courtyard)
      • Alongside Helmcken House at the East Entrance (Douglas)
      • Alongside the Dinosaur Footprints at the North Entrance (Belleville)
      • On the West Entrance (Government)

When exiting the IMAX® an usher can help you find the best exit to suit your needs.

The theatre is equipped with Closed Captioning.

Hearing impaired guests may borrow the CaptiView Closed Captioning Viewing System. The CaptiView system consists of a small, OLED display on a bendable support arm that fits into the theatre seat cup holder.

We also offer single use 3M foam earplugs for those with sensitive hearing.