Apollo 11 First Steps

RATED:  G | RUNTIME: 47 min. | STUDIO:  MacGillivray FreemanClosed Captioning

Apollo 11: First Steps Edition brings to life what it was like when the space program was new, and when Apollo 11 was doing something humanity had never done before. Audiences are stunned, over and over, at how complex the mission was, how many times it could have failed, and how much technology, skill, foresight, and pure grit were required to succeed. We don’t simply feel like we’re watching; we’re there. No matter one’s heritage or country of origin, this culmination of President John F. Kennedy’s pledge to put Americans on the Moon by the end of the 1960s reflects a human accomplishment. Kennedy described it as a bold act of faith and vision—and Apollo 11: First Steps Edition reminds us of what humanity undertook to achieve one of the greatest and most complex feats in our history.

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“Entirely Awe-Inspiring”

-The New York Times

“Completely Riveting”

-The Los Angeles Times

“Not Just Good But Magnificent”

-The Wall Street Journal


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