Deepsea Challenge

RATED:  G | RUNTIME: 45 min. | STUDIO:  National Geographic Closed Captioning demarche_plans__009742700_1221_05032012

As a boy, filmmaker James Cameron dreamed of a journey to the deepest part of the ocean. This film is the dramatic fulfillment of that dream. It chronicles Cameron’s solo dive to the depths of the Mariana Trench, nearly seven miles beneath the ocean’s surface, piloting a submersible he designed himself. The risks were astounding. The footage is breathtaking. James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge is a celebration of science, courage, and extraordinary human aspiration.

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Nothing from April 25, 2024 to April 28, 2024.


“Cameron is much better at explaining the science involved in his mission than he is in revealing what makes him tick. But he does point to one common denominator between his two careers: insatiable curiosity.”

– Carl Franzen
The Verge

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