Museum Alive

RATED:  G | RUNTIME: 40 min. | STUDIO:  Colossus Productions Closed Captioning seating-chartdemarche_plans__009742700_1221_05032012

MUSEUM ALIVE 3D will be presented in IMAX 4K LASER DIGITAL

Engagement ends April 26th.

Note to Parents: Some scenes of creature action and descriptions of animal behavior may be alarming for small children.

EXCLUSIVELY IN IMAX!  David Attenborough takes us on a nocturnal adventure through London’s famous Natural History Museum. When the last visitor leaves, the doors are locked and night falls, and the world’s favourite naturalist roams the museum halls and corridors, encountering extinct creatures that, through the wonder of cutting edge 3D CGI are brought to life right in front of our eyes. He dodges a sabre-toothed cat and a fearsome bird of prey, he watches, awe-struck, as a spinner dolphin and an ancient ichthyosaur circle the Central Hall, and laughs as a dodo pecks his leg after food. In the magnificent finale, he feeds a hungry Diplodocus by hand from the top balcony.

All this happens thanks to a unique collaboration between scientists, Natural History Museum curators and the world’s leading animation studios. The result is spectacular, fun and enlightening.

The Natural History Museum is particularly special for Attenborough: ‘I’ve been coming here since I was a boy of eight. It is one of the holiest of holies – one of the great places for natural history…. coming here was quite a journey, each time was astonishing – just looking at cases full of electric blue butterflies is enough to impress a child.’ His favourite specimens from the museum include some familiar faces – the dodo and the Diplodocus, for instance – but others, such as the fearsome bird of prey the Haast eagle, are new to the public eye, tucked away in the Museum’s store rooms. Attenborough delves into the stories and myths surrounding the discovery and acquisition of these astonishing creatures. ‘Each one,’ he says, ‘has its own fascinating story’.

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“Sir David Attenborough’s most extraordinary wildlife adventure yet — bringing to life creatures millions of years old.”

– The Sunday Times


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