Library Screenings are requested by school groups to pair with a specific curriculum. These are traditional IMAX® films that previously have played at our theatre over the years and were popular during their original engagement. Browse our Film Library.

Nothing from Thursday January 21 to Thursday January 20.

Scheduled screenings have no minimum student count to attend and are open to the public (at regular admission rates) and other groups.
This schedule is updated as screenings are confirmed with the booking school.

Group Booking Contacts

IMAX® Victoria & Royal BC MuseumIMAX® Victoria Theatre
Li-Ann SkiboLea Silver
(250) 387-4007(250) 480-4887 ext. 3
Please provide organization name, booking date/time and confirmation number (if available) to expedite the booking process.
The Group Booking office is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
Please report any changes to your booking to (250) 387-4007, 48 hours advance notice requested.
Online Booking Form