IMAX Victoria is closed until March 1 following direction from public health authorities. Learn more HERE.

Tickets must be purchased online in advance.

We are so excited to be open once again and to share inspiring films on the giant IMAX  screen. With approval from the Vancouver Island Health Authority, IMAX Victoria has resumed operations.

We have made many adjustments to the IMAX Experience to ensure we uphold the highest standards of safety and comfort for our guests and employees. We appreciate you taking time to review the information below in preparation for your visit. We want to be sure you know what to expect when you arrive. Although some things may be different, the giant screen experience that you love is the same, and your IMAX Victoria team remains committed to the highest level of customer service.

Following the regulations set by the BC Health Officer, films are currently restricted to a maximum capacity of 50 seats.

If you are feeling unwell, have been in contact with someone who is unwell or have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, we ask that you refrain from visiting the theatre at this time.

Obtaining Tickets

  • Please get your tickets online at in advance of your visit. 
  • If you require assistance getting your tickets online, please contact us at 250-480-4887 ext 0.
  • You will need to self-scan printed tickets or tickets on your phone to facilitate contactless entry.


Upon Arrival

  • Entry to the building is restricted to the front glass lobby doors only (located on Belleville Street). 
  • There have been no changes to parking in the area. 
  • Hand sanitizer is available onsite in multiple locations. 
  • Everyone in BC is now required to wear a mask in all public indoor settings, including visits to the Royal BC Museum and IMAX Victoria.

Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before showtime to help reduce line-ups. Due to building wide occupancy limits, you may be asked to wait outside if you arrive more than 15 minutes in advance. With a maximum of only 50 tickets sold per film, there are lots of great seats, so there is no need to arrive early!

We have provided wayfinding instructions throughout the building to help maintain physical distancing for all patrons. We appreciate your cooperation in following the direction of all posted signage and employees.

SoundBites Concession and The Shop at IMAX Victoria

  • Soundbites Concession and the Shop at IMAX Victoria are both open and excited to see you! Due to staff and space constraints, some items have been removed from the menu at SoundBites, but popcorn is still being popped fresh! Both departments have occupancy limits, so please be mindful of others and know that employees may ask you to wait to enter until others leave.
  • We ask that you stay with your party at all times, and avoid queuing on the entrance ramp until your entire party is ready.

Entering the Theatre

  • Please consider using the washroom facilities prior to showtime to reduce the chance of needing to leave your seat during the show. 
  • The entrance to the theatre has been marked with decals indicating where to wait to ensure physical distancing from other patrons. Once the doors are open, you can enter the theatre and self-scan your ticket at the kiosk located just inside the theatre doors.
  • 3D glasses will be given to you by the usher who will be wearing gloves to ensure the glasses are not touched by anyone except you.
  • The usher will assist your party in finding seats. 
  • If you choose BLUE seats, please access them by the entry staircase. 
  • If you choose GREEN seats, please access them by the far staircase. 
  • To make it easiest for other guests to find seats, please select seats towards the centre of the row, if possible, so that seats towards the edges remain available. 
  • Please do not pass any seated parties

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During the Film

  • If you or anyone in your row needs to leave the theatre during the film, everyone in that row will need to stand and clear the row in order for you to exit safely. We appreciate your cooperation with any disruptions of this nature.

 Enjoy your IMAX Experience! 

Exiting the Theatre 

  • At the end of the film, remain in your seat for the usher to return with exiting instructions. 
  • Those in GREEN seats will exit out the lower right hands doors.
  • Those in BLUE seats will exit through the entry (left hand) doors. 
  • If you do not have further business in the building (e.g. a museum ticket, require washrooms or want to shop in the store), please exit directly outside the building, which you can do from either exit. 
  • Guests who wish to visit the washroom and require the use of a ramp can exit out of the entry doors for wheelchair accessible washrooms.

The capacities of all washrooms in the building have been reduced. Please read and follow all posted signage and wait outside of the facilities if they are full.


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Feedback request

We want your feedback! Please visit to complete a 30 second survey about your experience. Your input helps us make adjustments and improvements to the theatre experience. As a thank you for filling out the survey, you will be entered into a weekly draw for a free large popcorn to use during your next visit.

IMAX Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning and sanitization protocols have been increased throughout the facility to ensure the space is safe and sparkling when you arrive!

  • High touch surfaces in all public spaces, including Soundbites Concession, washrooms, IMAX Shop and railings are being cleaned at minimum once an hour.
  • All high touch surfaces inside the theatre are being cleaned in between shows, including railings and seats.
  • All points of transaction, such as pin pads and service counters are being sanitized between customers. 
  • At the end of each day, the entirety of the IMAX public spaces will be deep cleaned. 
  • Hand sanitizer kiosks are distributed throughout the public space for your convenience and safety. 
  • Many of the operational processes that have typically required contact, such as ticket taking, have been adjusted to be contactless.


IMAX Victoria is following the occupancy regulations of the Province of British Columbia. Each show time has 50 available tickets and 87 ‘available’ seats to choose from out of the full 369 seats in the theatre. Available seats have been spaced out inside the theatre to ensure everyone can properly physically distance, and there are lots of great seats available.

The theatre itself is cleaned after every film (sanitization of hard seat surfaces and all handrails) with an additional deep clean overnight. Other areas are cleaned more frequently, such as pin pads at cash registers, which are cleaned after every use.

Yes! Although some concession offerings are not available, popcorn is being made fresh as always!

All guests will enter the building through the main lobby doors, located off Belleville Street. At the end of your film, you can exit directly outside through the back of the theatre. Guests who have further business in the building may remain inside and the usher will direct you to your desired destination.

Please get your ticket in advance online at If you need assistance with ticketing, please call us at 250-480-4887 ext 0 and we are happy to help. A limited number of tickets are available at the Box Office and may not be available if a film has sold out online.  Please do not plan on purchasing tickets on-site.

Yes! The Shop at IMAX Victoria is open and stocked with amazing gifts for yourself or a loved one. There is a limit on how many shoppers can be in the space at one time.

Each pair of 3D glasses goes through a commercial washer after use to be fully cleaned and sanitized. New procedures are in place so that when you enter the theatre, you collect a single pair of glasses. Rather than select a pair from a tray, gloved ushers will hand you your glasses on your way into the theatre to ensure you are the only patron who has touched them.

A few tickets will be available for guests upon arrival if a show has not sold out. Given the limited number of seats for each film, we are anticipating sell outs, and therefore highly recommend getting your ticket in advance.

We are so grateful to our Annual Passholders who have patiently supported IMAX and team throughout the closure and we are doing our utmost to make sure you see the value in your pass as we reopen. Many of you have indicated you plan to attend the theatre now and to renew your pass at the regular rate in 2021. Thank you so much for your support. As we approach the time to renew for 2021, we are aware that these are challenging financial times for many and we will make two options available for the next calendar year. On January 1st of 2021, it will be possible to either extend your 2020 pass for 12 weeks at no charge or you may opt to purchase a 2021 pass at a discount equivalent to 12 weeks. Full details on these options can be found at