The Dawn of IMAX Filmmaking

2 short films combined to make one special feature

RATED:  G | RUNTIME: 47 min. | STUDIO:  IMAX & MacGillivray Freeman Films CLOSE CAPTIONING: Not Available

Playing at this theatre as part of the IMAX Film Festival running January 18 to February 21.

To demonstrate the extraordinary clarity of the laser projection system, IMAX converted these two classic films, both captured in 15 perf 70mm film, to play on the digital 4K laser system. Never before seen together in this format, IMAX Victoria is excited to have obtained these two films for this year’s festival. See both with one ticket together throughout the festival.

North of Superior (2D)

The first film ever to be shot entirely for IMAX. (1971)

A fast-paced portrait depicting the iconic rugged Canadian landscape and wildlife of north-western Ontario, as well as highlighting the diverse lifestyles of the area’s inhabitants.

To Fly (2D)

MacGillivray Freeman’s first giant screen film (1976)

Become immersed in the sensations of flying from floating in a helium balloon to flying in an original barnstormer bi-plane to hang gliding across the sky.

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