To assist you in leveraging IMAX films as a complement to your lesson plans, you may download a variety of engaging, dynamic activities inspired by the films.  These activities are a great way to enrich your students’ learning through conducting research, persuasive writing, critical-thinking, and scientific investigation.  Curriculum tie-ins include science, language arts, social studies, technology, math, problem-solving, visualization, and more.

Guides available: Mysteries of the Unseen World, Humpback Whales, Jerusalem, D-Day : Normandy 1944, Grand Canyon Adventure, Ocean Oasis, Forces of Nature, Sea Monsters, Hurricane on the Bayou, Horses, Coral Reef Adventure, Ocean Oasis, To the Arctic, Watermelon Magic, Gold Fever

Use the categories below to filter by grade or curriculum. Links to resources are located below the trailer on the individual film page.